About This Site

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After living forty some odd years of a life others have described as remarkable, or at very least interesting, I’ve decided to sit down and share my memories… all of them… well, excepting those which are of a private nature. Some of these stories will be of interest only to those who know me, and even more will be utterly unbelievable. But these are my memories. Those who share these moments with me may recall them differently, and I make no assertion that I remember these events accurately. Nevertheless, these are the memories I carry with me, shared for those of you who wish to carry them within yourselves as well. Thank you for joining me on this adventure. May it not be our last.

Update: Recently I’ve been having trouble finding the desire to sit down and write, or even think about my past. As such, updates have been undesirably sporadic. I’m working to fix this, but in the meantime, please have patience with me.
Thanks to all my readers, you mean the world to me.