Skipper and Jem:

Cousin-L’s room didn’t have very much in it, white walls broken only by the entrance and a window overlooking the canyon, a bed, a small color television, and the largest wooden dollhouse I had ever seen. I don’t know why we were playing inside that day, but the outdoors were brightly lit, and the sunlight shining through the window illuminated the room in a way I was unfamiliar with. Cousin-L was showing me her Barbie doll collection. I thought the bubblegum pink car was a bit gaudy, but I tried to dress the brown haired Skipper doll as we watched Jem, a popular cartoon show about a girl’s rock band. The bright colors and flashing lights here hypnotizing to me. I looked over my shoulder at my cousin, “We should be in a band.” She smiled and nodded, her head full of rum colored curls bounced as her eyes twinkled with absolute delight.